Vedic Maths Forum: Making Mathematics Exciting!

In a brief interview,  Mr. Tekriwal threw light on his early stages of life, his first venture, what were the obstacles that he faced and his core teammates and members.

Humble background & humble start

Mr. Tekriwal was born and brought up in Kolkata, a beautiful city of joy. He did his schooling from St. James’s School and a graduation in commerce from the University of Kolkata.

His first venture, The Vedic Maths Forum India was founded by him in the year 2000, but the company was formally registered in 2008. He set out this company with a passion for solving people’s problems with respect to Mathematics. Vedic Mathematics is the World’s Fastest Mental Maths System from India where they try to make sure that students understand concepts well and get better grades. This is done via the use of technology and Vedic Maths skills.

The journey & difficulties along

When asked about the difficulties he faced when he started the business, Mr. Gaurav highlighted lack of mentorship and finance as the main hurdles primarily. The concept of Vedic mathematics was an extremely new field in the early 2000s, henceforth not many people could understand Mr. Tekriwal’s efforts to mashup mathematics with technology, and go global with this idea from India. As a matter of fact, he was misunderstood even by his family and close friends which proved to be a major difficulty as he had to walk alone for a long time before his distinguished and appreciable schemes were accepted.

The main focus of Vedic Maths Forum is an attempt to solve the problem of numeracy-globally. Since a majority of individuals struggle with mathematics, their aim is to make it more fun and exciting for everybody. He also says that just like Yoga and Ayurveda, Vedic Maths is a gift from India to the world, in which any mathematical problem can be perceived and worked out differently.

The core of his team includes his wife Anushree and his friend Varun Poddar. Mr. Pankaj Thakar, Mr. Chaitanya R, Mr. Sanjay Sharda, Mr. Surojit Roy and Mr. Skannd Tyagi all from the Neotec Team are their mentors.

Their company has also launched television programs on Tata Sky and Reliance Big TV platforms, DVDs, and Books. Through this technological incorporation, they have taken the Vedic Maths System to over 4 million students in India and via the franchise route to South Africa, United States, Australia, UAE, Ghana, and Colombia.


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