India goes digital, with Renderbit Technologies

Mr. Soham Banerjee, Co-founder, Renderbit Technology, emphasized in a short interview about his submissive background,  details about his company and the challenges he faced, along with his teammates.

Humble Background

Mr. Soham was raised up in West Bengal where he studied at the St. Vincent’s High and Technical School, Asansol. He availed a BTech (bachelor of technology) degree from the Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata.

Establishing the company and hurdles along the way

Mr. Banerjee explains that the starting point of his journey was when he and his college friends decided to do something that revolves around the buzz word ‘digital’.

The main challenge that this group of college-going students faced was the fear of how and why and whether things will turn out well. He also pointed out that they experienced lack of support and guidance from teachers and mentors. Anxious thoughts shouting “what if it doesn’t happen” kept spinning in their heads, yet Mr. Soham says that one shouldn’t be afraid of taking the plunge, as some time or the other, there will be a start of every new thing in life.

Renderbit Technologies

With the motto “Software solutions for every sector”, Renderbit Technologies aims to develop tech solutions for each and every distinct field of work. They focus on how the term ‘digital’ can provide an explanation to several identified problems like supply charge and transport using the blockchain technology.

Mr. Banerjee elucidates that digital payment has received a boost after demonetization, however, many small retailers are facing obstacles while using this new incorporation. This is a problem that the company is currently trying to solve, by tying up these small-scale retailers with e-commerce payment systems like Paytm and also through establishing bank accounts. He believes that a single stop solution is the use of digital wallets which are not only user-friendly but also prove to be highly safe and secure.

His core teammate, Shreya Pramanik, handles the business operations of the company.

They have established boutique software in 16 countries in 5 continents, hiring employees from across the country.

Mr. Soham Banerjee ends by giving a generic message to all the would-be founders, since he has been in those shoes in recent years, to not be scared of the unknown simply because it is the unknown. One shouldn’t hesitate to take the first step as things will eventually fall into place.

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