Transforming the Indian Education System: I&We

In a recent interview with Mr. Aaquib Hussain, Co-founder, i&, he highlighted details about his company, his perception of the current education system in India, his educational qualifications, and achievements.


Mr. Aaquib attained a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from Techno Group, Kolkata. He did his research internship from IIT, Kharagpur in West Bengal on cloud computing and security. He mentioned that grade X and XII used to be the highlights in his school life and also that he cleared the KVPY examination.

Early life and instituting the company

Mr. Aaquib says that the idea of allowing students the choice of learning what they are good at and in a way that they are good at popping up in his head and therefore he decided to unite with other individuals from different walks of life to institute a startup like i&we.

He mentions that putting up a team and establishing the initial outlay were some of the challenges that he faced. He further explains that due to a sense of insecurity to accept newer technologies in the field of education, cracking the administration also posed to be a difficulty. Being from the service background, they had no huge investments thus building a company on shoestring budgets, with the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and challenges of opening new markets were the main hurdles that they had to encounter.

Perception and Interest

He feels that according to the education system operating in India, students are bound to follow a certain unaltered procedure wherein they are given the syllabus and a set of resources, not allowing them to be flexible with the way they want to study that particular topic. He strongly believes that one is neither given the sense of choice nor the right to be choosing a platform that is the best-suited for him/her.


I & We offer training/workshops in schools & colleges imparted through a PhyGital (Physical+Digital) model for industry-oriented learning. Their aim is to make students job ready by developing a mechanism focused on their perspectives rather than taking astound deficit syllabus.

Using a digital platform via artificial intelligence, I & We convert one’s strength of understanding into learning material of the specific topics that a subject offers. They understand the individual’s demands and their respective patterns and behaviors of learning. Their objective is tilted towards performing practicals, doing hands-on case studies and implementations and conducting physical sessions in the campus rather than wasting time on theoretical knowledge.

Support System

Mr. Hussain’s started with nine co-founders and his core teammates at i& include Mr. Kazi Tanyemul Haque, the CEO and Quality Control Lead, Mr. Deepak Chaudhary, CFO and Coordination Lead, Ms. Zoya Quasmi, HR, and marketing lead and Mr. Rishabh Gupta, Marketing Manager & Content Coordinator.


i& was awarded the Best Startup at NPC Kolkata, it was among the top 5 in the Thrive 30 Initiative and received the Social Entrepreneurship Recognition at EAD, IIT KGP 2017-18. These are a few amidst the various distinct awards and recognition that the company holds. 

Mr. Aaquib says that he too was once a first-timer, so he values the efforts, struggles, and passion of young entrepreneurs. Merging vast skies to shelter those who want to seek education, is the motto his company abides by.

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